Meet Our Team

Ashley Latham – Administrator

As administrator of Marjorie House, Ashley provides a key balance of excellence in quality care along with genuine compassion while caring for our residents and their families.

She brings 9 years of experience in long term care including working Ashley Lathamas a med tech, in care giving and as a Resident Care Coordinator. Ashley received her Administrative Certificate in 2015 and is honored and excited to bring her experience and heart here to our Marjorie House family.

She keeps herself and her staff up to date on the latest in dementia care training and believes it is a privilege as well as a priority to provide resident centered care. Ashley sincerely enjoys getting to know our resident families, helping them along their loved ones journey. She walks together with them through the challenges, trials and beauty of dementia care, providing a combined effort to give our residents the best experience possible.

Ashley likes spending time with her fiancé, Kory and their dog, Jackson. They love the outdoors, hiking, and traveling. Ashley also enjoys painting, gardening, and volunteering at her church.

Cindy Thompson

Cindy ThompsonCindy was born and raised in a small town in Maine. She received her bachelor’s degree in History with a concentration in education from Emmanuel College in Boston Ma. Cindy and her family moved to Oregon in July of 2017 for her husband’s job and quickly decided she was never leaving.

Cindy joined our team as a caregiver and because of her compassion for our residents combined with her previous management experience was quickly promoted to RCC. Cindy brings years of personal experience with dementia care and understands what our resident’s families are going through.

Cindy and her husband Jason along with their three kids are enjoying exploring our wonderful state. When Cindy isn’t at work she can be found on the sidelines cheering on anyone of her children in whichever sport they have chosen, or riding bikes or napping.

Vanessa Gutierrez – Life Enrichment Coordinator

Vanessa GutierrezThe core of any excellent memory care is a vibrant life enrichment program that brings a wide variety of fun and exciting activities to the community daily. Life Enrichment Coordinator Vanessa, spends every day doing just this. Vanessa’s enthusiastic and caring personality invites and welcomes all residents and their friends and families to participate. Whether focused on physical exercises to strengthen and assist residents with activities of daily living, mental exercises – such as puzzles and games – to keep the mind active and challenged, or social moments of entertainment or quiet conversation, Vanessa brings herself completely to the task, being constantly aware of each individual’s needs and abilities. She states, “I like the fact that my residents don’t mind my eccentricities, my shifting sense of humor (from corny to dry) or my lack of physical graces. They appreciate my willingness to dance and sing, even though I’m off-key sometimes. I am proud to be their friend and confidant.” While the program provides socialization and a sense of community among residents, families and the staff, it is always adapting to meet the individual needs of each resident.

Vanessa graduated from Linfield College where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. At Marjorie House Memory Care Community Vanessa has found a meaningful career where she can – and does – make a difference.

Mike Minchew – Maintenance Supervisor

Mike MinchewEqually comfortable with a hammer in his hand or a resident on his arm, McMinnville native Mike Minchew brings great skill and close to a decade of elder care experience to Marjorie House in his role as Maintenance Supervisor. Anyone that thinks this type of work isn’t fun has never worked with Mike! A patient and caring person who believes having the chance to assist residents on a daily basis is a wonderful opportunity, Mike takes pride in being the staff member who maintains the resident’s “Home”. It’s never a surprise to see Mike assisting residents and participating in activities, or jumping into the kitchen to cook if needed. His attitude of “I’m here and I’m willing to help” brings excellence and care to all that he does.

Mike studied Computer Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing in college but feels his position at Marjorie House allows him to share not only his skills, but the joy he feels in this special environment. His natural inclination toward problem solving proves useful as he quickly and efficiently identifies issues and finds solutions.

Mike enjoys assisting others with projects, barbequing, spending sunny days on the river and watching super hero movies, which are his favorite form of entertainment. Given the nickname “Sup” by staff, Mike lives up to the name and is the super hero watching over Marjorie House.

Doretta Clark – Dietary Manager/Kitchen Supervisor

DorettaTo give one title to Doretta is a bit misleading. Although her career in the health field has been primarily directed toward dietary, Doretta has also held positions as housekeeper, Resident Aide, Medication Aide and activities! In her current role as Dietary Manager, Doretta brings every one of these skills into play. She has a sixth sense about the needs of our residents, and brings her deep belief of resident centered care into every decision she makes regarding resident life. You will see a confused face turn to Doretta and there will be an understanding and a sense of peace for that individual – all from the sound of Doretta’s voice and the touch of her smile.

Doretta has been awarded Service Awards by Tuality Hospital and been recognized for outstanding service at the assisted living and memory care where she worked prior to coming to Marjorie House. “I wasn’t looking for a new job, but I walked in the front door of Marjorie House and fell in love.” The rest is a daily gift for our residents and their families! Doretta states that she knew what the owners stood for and she wanted to live that mission for the residents.

Doretta is frequently seen with one of her seven grandchildren in tow – and they have on an apron and a look of no nonsense! She adores these kids and they have grown up in the long term care environment learning to give help where needed and care in a loving manner.

Along with her husband, Terry, Doretta loves to camp and garden. Oh! And of course there are those seven grandkids!

Kate Harris – Office Manager

I was born and raised in Oregon and love the beautiful nature the Northwest offers.

After high school, I accepted a position working as a part-time receptionist and pursued continuing Kate Harriseducation to help advance my skills. Within a year I was promoted to Administrative Assistant.

Throughout the recent years I have been blessed with the opportunity to work part-time applying my clerical skills where needed while also being able to spend a significant amount of time at home with my children as they have grown.

In 2014, I accepted a position working as a part-time Caregiver with an assisted living community. I instantly fell in love with the residents and knew from that moment on I would work with seniors in some way or another for the rest of my career.

I love working as the Office Manager at Marjorie House as it allows me the opportunity to combine my clerical skills and education with my desire to care for seniors. I get to be part of a great team that treats our residents with dignity, love and care.  I also adore the warm hugs I get every day from our residents.

When not at Marjorie House I love sending time with my two beautiful daughters, Samantha and Casandra, my dog Daisy, whom I call my furry daughter, and my wonderful husband Richard. As a family, we love to watch movies and explore nature. When I’m in need of me time, I love to read.