Marjorie House Memory Care Community

Meet Our Team

Ashley Latham – Administrator

As administrator of Marjorie House, Ashley provides a key balance of excellence in quality care along with genuine compassion while caring for our residents and their families.

She brings 9 years of experience in long term care including working Ashley Lathamas a med tech, in care giving and as a Resident Care Coordinator. Ashley received her Administrative Certificate in 2015 and is honored and excited to bring her experience and heart here to our Marjorie House family.

She keeps herself and her staff up to date on the latest in dementia care training and believes it is a privilege as well as a priority to provide resident centered care. Ashley sincerely enjoys getting to know our resident families, helping them along their loved ones journey. She walks together with them through the challenges, trials and beauty of dementia care, providing a combined effort to give our residents the best experience possible.

Ashley likes spending time with her fiancé, Kory and their dog, Jackson. They love the outdoors, hiking, and traveling. Ashley also enjoys painting, gardening, and volunteering at her church.

Donita Johnson – Resident Care Coordinator

Donita JohnsonIn her role as Resident Care Coordinator, Donita Johnson is the choreographer who brings all the services together for every resident so that their life at Marjorie House will be safe, enriched and purpose-filled. This effort is made daily for each individual and, with forty-five residents, the position requires a very special individual.

Donita states her role combines her two strongest characteristics – passion and compassion. Born in Idaho into a family of caregivers, Donita was raised understanding the amount of hard work and skill long term care requires. Her passion for advocacy has inspired her in her work and she has held positions from Kitchen Aide to Medication Aide to Life Enrichment Coordinator. Donita truly loves being around people: talking, listening and learning about the lives of others – both their trials and their triumphs. Her daily goal is to learn something new – especially in relation to health/memory care – in order to better the lives of others.

After caring for her grandparents in their home and with Hospice, and assisting in the care of her uncle, who had ALS, it was natural for Donita to begin her career in assisted living and memory care where she has been for eight years. Donita completed her Certified Nursing Assistant coursework at Portland Community College and holds numerous certifications in all aspects of care, many specific to memory care. Donita is adamant about the importance of person-centered care when working with Marjorie House residents, approaching each day with passion and each resident with compassion.

As a community member, Donita volunteers with meal programs for the homeless, in suicide prevention for youth and adults, in Youth Ministries, with the ALS Association, and in outreach from her church community to those in need. Donita states, “I have a heart for Africa, and I dream of building churches, homes and schools where there can be a ministry for youth, their families and the elderly.”

In her free time, Donita loves to hike (particularly at Silver Falls – or around any other water fall), walking her dog with friends, socialize, and participate in activities with her church. Donita lives in Forest Grove with her two cats and her Chihuahua/pug walking partner.

Brandy Jensen, RN

Brandy JensenBrandy Jensen, RN brings to Marjorie House residents and staff ten years of nursing experience, both in the operating room and in long term care. Her initial focus was in a hospital environment as a surgical nurse. When her grandmother became ill, Brandy shifted her focus to assisted living and memory care, working in the community where her grandmother lived until she passed. Experience in long term care includes not only being the lead RN, but also as the interim administrator, office manager and activities director! Her ability to bring creative knowledge to an entire community gives support to each staff member and resident in a special way.

Brandy enjoys anything outdoors: fishing, gardening, camping and spending time with her husband of 24 years, their one son and her new granddaughter. Baseball is another love and summer evenings cheering on the Hops is a frequent activity.

Brandy states she is very excited to join the team at Marjorie House and to help seniors enjoy their best life.

Sara Helms – Office Manager

Sara HelmsSara Helms brings a loving heart and many years of management to her position as Marjorie House Office Manager. Sara worked for twenty years as a Manager/Supervisor for Customer Service and Delivery for a post office serving a community of over 100,000. In this position, Sara managed a staff of over 75 people, held direct responsibility for the day to day operations, scheduling, timekeeping, labor relations, customer service, PR and marketing as well as the management and evaluation of all employees. Her position also required that she be responsible for staff training and compliance with safety and health regulations. Prior to her tenure with the USPS, Sara was instrumental in the marketing and start up of two assisted living communities in Washington State.

Although her business experience is invaluable to the operation of Marjorie House, more important is the loving care she brings to our residents which makes a difference in their lives. Like most of our employees, Sara can wear many hats and chooses to do those tasks she sees are necessary at that moment. Whether passing medications as a delegated med aide, providing comfort as a resident aide, or doing payroll for our employees, Sara approaches all these necessary moments with a resident-centered attitude and the quality of resident life as her focus. You frequently hear her say to staff, “remember why we are here (for the residents) and your decisions will be easy (because they are resident centered)”.

After graduating from the University of Oregon, Sara began what she considers to be her most important and rewarding job – being “Mom” to Branden, Alexis and Tyler. With her children, Sara enjoys outdoor activities, Friday night movie nights, taking the dogs to the beach and gathering with extended family. All of her children have grown up enjoying the rewards of meeting and knowing residents.

Vanessa Gutierrez – Life Enrichment Coordinator

Vanessa GutierrezThe core of any excellent memory care is a vibrant life enrichment program that brings a wide variety of fun and exciting activities to the community daily. Life Enrichment Coordinator Vanessa, spends every day doing just this. Vanessa’s enthusiastic and caring personality invites and welcomes all residents and their friends and families to participate. Whether focused on physical exercises to strengthen and assist residents with activities of daily living, mental exercises – such as puzzles and games – to keep the mind active and challenged, or social moments of entertainment or quiet conversation, Vanessa brings herself completely to the task, being constantly aware of each individual’s needs and abilities. She states, “I like the fact that my residents don’t mind my eccentricities, my shifting sense of humor (from corny to dry) or my lack of physical graces. They appreciate my willingness to dance and sing, even though I’m off-key sometimes. I am proud to be their friend and confidant.” While the program provides socialization and a sense of community among residents, families and the staff, it is always adapting to meet the individual needs of each resident.

Vanessa graduated from Linfield College where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. At Marjorie House Memory Care Community Vanessa has found a meaningful career where she can – and does – make a difference.

Doretta Clark – Dietary Manager/Kitchen Supervisor

DorettaTo give one title to Doretta is a bit misleading. Although her career in the health field has been primarily directed toward dietary, Doretta has also held positions as housekeeper, Resident Aide, Medication Aide and activities! In her current role as Dietary Manager, Doretta brings every one of these skills into play. She has a sixth sense about the needs of our residents, and brings her deep belief of resident centered care into every decision she makes regarding resident life. You will see a confused face turn to Doretta and there will be an understanding and a sense of peace for that individual – all from the sound of Doretta’s voice and the touch of her smile.

Doretta has been awarded Service Awards by Tuality Hospital and been recognized for outstanding service at the assisted living and memory care where she worked prior to coming to Marjorie House. “I wasn’t looking for a new job, but I walked in the front door of Marjorie House and fell in love.” The rest is a daily gift for our residents and their families! Doretta states that she knew what the owners stood for and she wanted to live that mission for the residents.

Doretta is frequently seen with one of her seven grandchildren in tow – and they have on an apron and a look of no nonsense! She adores these kids and they have grown up in the long term care environment learning to give help where needed and care in a loving manner.

Along with her husband, Terry, Doretta loves to camp and garden. Oh! And of course there are those seven grandkids!