Marjorie House Memory Care Community

Oregon Testimonials

Ramer Family

In the first hour she was there, she “lived” more than in the last seven months combined at (her previous facility name omitted)!

In the end, the final result is what it needed to be seven months ago… mom is in a genuine, caring, kind, loving environment where she can thrive and live out her natural life as intended.

I cannot put into words how nice it was to go to sleep last night, knowing how well cared for mom was going to be. I could wake up in the morning and not feel guilty for not being able to get her out of (name of previous facility omitted). No more guilt as I leave her in the hands of people who truly care for and about her… unlike the never-ending guilt we felt at (name of previous facility omitted) each time we left.

Please accept the deep, deep heartfelt gratitude of my wife, daughter and myself, for not only what you and your team have already done in such a short time, but for all you will do in the future to make mom’s remaining years full of loving care, kindness and dignity. In the end, you have changed not just mom’s life but the lives of my entire family.

With deepest appreciation,

K. McDaniel

The name is “Marjorie House”, but it has quickly become “home” for my family member and the others who have come to live here. 

The entire staff immediately strives to learn all the residents’ needs and preferences and works to meet those needs every day all while welcoming family into the group and caring about their needs as well.

C. Lowrance

My husband has had lovely care at Marjorie House. I had been so concerned at first, but I soon realized the staff treated every resident with love and kindness. The residents are kept clean and not left alone in their rooms if they are able to get out, they sit with other folks and play games and have snacks.

Family members often join in and enjoy it. Meds and meals are on time and meals are balanced and well prepared.  The whole staff from the director to the housekeeper are all deeply interested in how everyone single resident is treated with respect.